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Who We Are

Employance provides the service-based industry a unique human capital management platform, built for today’s workforce to attract and engage top talent, allowing the employer – employee relationship to thrive from the start. The easy-to-use cloud and interactive mobile based solution enables acquisition, branding, visual applicant tracking, screening, social interaction, on-boarding, training, development, and time force and compensation management throughout the employee’s entire lifecycle. The single and integrated scalable Employance HCM platform empowers HR, managers, and employees to leverage insights to drive improved performance and the talent intelligence to know what’s next.  Employance is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, with offices in New York, NY.

Established 2009

Established in 2009 and now serving thousands, Employance works with companies that need HR & Operations bliss. Everything we do is to ensure our clients thrive and prosper.

Privately Owned, VC Backed

Employance is privately owned and venture capital backed. We have the resources and tools to make fast decisions and keep our clients happy.

We Love This Stuff

Not only do we love life, we love work. We enjoy what we do and we enjoy seeing how happy our clients get after using our platform.

Why We're Here

We all know that turnover and employee management are some of the biggest challenges facing growing companies. Hiring candidates that match your needs and company culture can be a daunting task. Bringing new team members up to speed and getting them trained to be effective can be just as difficult.

Employance can help by providing groundbreaking new tools designed just for human capital management. Let us show you best-practices and customize the process for your needs.

Where We Come From

Human Resources

Our Purpose

Employance was built to provide the service industry with the best tool available for every aspect of the team member life-cycle.  From the moment an applicant sees your website or job post, to the day they get promoted as CEO or leave – everything is smooth, branded and easy for all parties.

Employance – Empowering Employee Performance.