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Communication Features

Company-Wide Message Board

Yea someone had to do it! Employance’s company-wide message board is just the thing you need to keep morale high and team-members constantly updated.

Message out images, videos, links and text by location, position/role or any other combination.

Commenting @ people built right in for easy communication…and yes, permissions are all set in case you need to remove threads or comments.

Hey…Thanks and Happy Birthday!

We bet it’s not even your birthday, and that felt nice…

Imagine if you’re a team member and you get a nice message on your birthday… That’s just one of the auto-messages we can send out!  Send birthday and work anniversary notifications, as well any other type of custom notification you can dream up.

Public or Private Messages

Looking for private message board maybe just for the home office? That’s already setup.

Message threads are setup by position/role and or location, so you can customize your conversations.

Media Friendly – Send Stuff!

Images, videos, PDF’s, links and more… Whatever you want to show off go for it.

Whether a person-to-person message or a company-wide message, go ahead and add some flair.

Hey Your Cert Has Expired!

It’s never been easier to keep up with expired certifications and files with automated messages!

Employance lets you customize notification just with a few clicks.

Message @ People

Employance’s messaging module makes it easy to comment at others with just a keystroke…

Whether personal or public, @ messages make it easy to get a notification out fast.

Smart Profanity Filters

Don’t want to worry about rouge team members spouting off on the company? Yea we know…

Employance has a built-in profanity filter that immediately will block an account, not post the message and alert someone (or a group of people) with the info privately.

Hey – we’re a lot safer than email!  Email can’t do this.