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We all know that team member management is one of the biggest challenges facing growing restaurants. Recruiting candidates that match your needs and company culture can be a daunting task. Bringing new team members up to speed and getting them trained to be effective and then managing can be a full-time task for any operation.

FSR’s and QSR’s have a unique challenge: quickly on-board, train and schedule new team members, and get them to engage with their new employer. Trust your operations to Employance and see your happy team members improve your bottom line.

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Fitness Clubs and Gyms

Fitness clubs and gyms have a unique set of challenges. First and foremost is keeping clients happy by providing top-notch customer service.

Keeping staff motivated and freeing managers from tedious tasks is one way to ensure that clients get all the attention they need. A increase in team member retainment of as little as 8% can save a nationwide gym tens of thousands of dollars annually.

Bars and Clubs

Bars and nightclubs are particulary in need of help when it comes to scheduling, keeping up with food and alcohol certifications and handling issues using a logbook.

Employance provides groundbreaking new tools designed just for human capital management in your industry. Keep up-to-date with team member performance, engage with rewards and recognition, and most importantly, easily manage everything easily from one place.

Resorts and Hotels

Resorts and hotels all have a large staff to manage and perfect customer service is always first-and-foremost, and with the Employance complete suite of tools, team members are set up for success.

Employance allows upper-level manangement to always have a grasp on every level of team member performance. Keeping records of files and performance can be cumbersome, so use Employance digital tools to get everything into the cloud.

Camps and Clinics

Camps and clinics all face a daunting issue: recruiting, on-boarding, training, certification tracking and managing their staff in an extremely short amount of time.

Employance can help camps and clinics by providing the tools they need to stay on-top of all issues, whether staff-related or not. The Employance digital solution also paperlessly on-boards new staff so turnaround time and effort is cut in half. Ticketing system inside the logbook is an absolute life-saver for a lot of camps and similar businesses.


Retailers have to manage turnover, team member issues, client complaints and more. This can be a lot to keep track up.

Retailers have challenges similar to some of their foody counterparts: they have to quickly on-board, train and schedule new team members, and get them to engage with their new company. Trust your operations to Employance and see your happy team members improve your bottom line.

Live Venues and Events

Live venues and events have the unique challenge of hiring for all types of skills and availability (PT, FT, contract). Add to that the fast-paced environment and managements’ need for up-to-date information and you have the perfect storm. Employance provides communication and ticketing tools that ease the burden of team communication.

Hire for all types of jobs and skill sets. Manage and train each team member differently, and quickly send out SOP (standard operating procedure) updates. Scheduling and moving fast can make or break live venues, and Employance allows live venues to move fast.

Schools and Non Profits

Schools and non profits have a difficult task of not only managing their team members, but also having to manage certifications, of their full-time and part-time team members.

Employance can help streamline many of the tedious tasks that eat away a HR manager’s time. Communication and recognition tools make it easy for everyone.

Valet and Security Companies

Valet and security companies have a lot of issues to manage when it comes to staffing.  They not only have to deal with thorough screening of applicants and new hires, they have to handle certifications for all of their team members.

Employance makes this simple – and the paperless solution makes everyone’s lives easier.  From scheduling to communication to applicant assessments, Employance can definitely help valet and security companies.