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E-Paperwork Features

Multi-Lingual Online Paperwork

“Hey we did it…no more paperwork whooooo!”

Is that something you would love to be saying? If so, Employance can help. With a powerful and sophisticated e-signature module, Employance can take you to a world filled with…no paper.

Everything from new hire documents such as i9’s and w4’s, Spanish-only documents, and team member self-service updates…Employance has you covered.

Making Payroll Paperwork Simple

W4 forms, payrate change forms and more, use Employance’s e-signature paperwork module to run all payroll paperwork online.

Disciplinary Docs 🙁

When a team member steps out of line or something goes wrong, it’s important to have documentation in place that shows the pattern of problems in case of termination.

Sending disciplinary docs through Employance is easy, and with just a couple clicks you’ll have an electronic paper-trail in place.

Performance Reports – Nice Job!

It doesn’t matter if you run your performance reports quarterly, semi-annually or with custom parameters, Employance not only has all auto-notifications in place, but setting up this paperwork inside the system is easy.

Your account manager will ensure all paperwork is up and ready-to-use, so everything will be ready by the time you login for the first time.

Off-Boarding – Goodbye Friend

Looking for a better way to off-board team members?

Track off-boarding paperwork and statistics with the Employance platform.

Custom Documents

Oops we forgot something?? It doesn’t matter because Employance allows you to setup any doc inside the platform.

Mobile Friendly

With our e-signature mobile app, all the documents you need signed can be completed on any smart phone!