Answering Your

Frequent Questions

One thing that is great about Employance is how easy it is to use.  Once it's up-and-running, you'll notice how smooth everything starts to be.  You'll be amazed at how much time automated tools can save.
Not only do you get an account manager, but your account manager is available to sit in your corporate office during implementation to ensure a smooth roll-out.  While not everyone needs this, we always have people available to do this.
Employance typically works with businesses in the service industry such as resorts, restaurants, summer camps, gyms, etc.  Any industry with high turnover and lots of hiring is where we are needed and can help the most.
While we discourage this, it is absolutely allowed. The only reason we advise against it is because the complete suite of tools was built to go hand-in-hand, and it really makes everyone's lives easier if all modules are utilized. We do however price per module upon request.
The setup time varies depending on a few factors:
  • How large is your business?
  • How many brands under your business are there?  And locations under those brands?
  • D0 we have a project manager to work with for implementation?
  • How much help do you need with best-practices?
  • Do you have access to all files and decision makers?
It typically takes anywhere from 3-6 weeks BUT that doesn't mean we can't do a setup in less than a week, or even a few days.  We have urgent client setup service available, and if you come prepared we can have you up-and-running within a week.
Unlimited support is provided throughout your life as an Employance client.  We don't charge extra for support tiers, you get unlimited support in the form of in-person meetings (*), live web training, video training, live chat, email and phone support.
Employance gives each client unlimited data storage on our servers.  There is no limit to what you can use, and we'll never up-charge. We are already supporting companies with thousands of employees, and we have the infrastructure in place to handle your is the limit!
No, there is a one-time setup fee and that is all we ever charge.  We'll add as many locations as you need, and if you happen to be opening up another concept under your company umbrella, we'll add that without any additional fees as well.
Yes, because we have done many setups and we work closely with employment attorneys, we know what you need before you know.  We're happy to share advice and help you audit your policies, procedures and documents during the setup process.

Knowledge Base

From auditing internal paperwork to providing advice on setting up a team-member recognition program, we’re here to help anyway we can.