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Learning and Performance

Grow With Our LMS & Performance Modules

You’ve got the best talent, but you want to get them up-to-speed quickly and easily. Employance provides a Learning & Performance Module that lets you set-up training by role, test their knowledge and provide feedback.

You also know that training isn’t just a one-time thing. Employance houses your training library, so it’s easy to update or add new content. Additionally, track training history for each employee and easily notify staff when its’ time for re-training, or new training is available.

Dread performance reviews? You won’t with Employance. With a history of each employee’s training, and profile, performance reviews are easier than ever before!

In-Person or Online Training

It doesn’t matter if you do in-person training, online training, or a mix – Employance’s training module can assist.

Each piece of training that is uploaded to the training module has customizable attributes, so keeping your team members trained and constantly updated has never been easier.

Videos, Images and More – Oh My!

Supporting all types of media, Employance’s training module allows you to be as creative as you like. Videos, images, PDF’s and more can be uploaded into your private training library.

Mobile friendly, multi-lingual and simple to manage, the Employance training module is what you need.

Smart Quizzes (1+1=3…False)

See how smart we can be?! Setup custom quizzes with different types of answers such as: multiple-choice, true/false, and text. Quizzes are graded immediately and instant feedback is given to your team members.

Other quiz attributes such as, ‘Time Needed Before Re-taking” and, ‘Pass Before Next” are available to allow for fine-tuning.

Default Training by Position

One of the more difficult jobs we have is keeping new team members engaged and trained. Employance makes it easier with default training by role/position. All you have to do is set this up one time, and anytime a role/position is changed the new training update goes out to the team member.

This helps to eliminate the manual work a manager must do when on-boarding new hires.

Fine-Tune Quizzes – Tinkering is Fun

All types of settings and attributes can be setup for any piece of training. While the training library stores all of your training material, a quiz library is there to build and customize as you need.

Employance lets you customize any quiz with a few clicks!

Training Library to Stay Organized

With an easy storage option, housing training materials with Employance makes your life easier.

The library can be filled with video clips, images, PDF’s, text and more.

Spread the Word Fast!

Have a new procedure you need to quickly show all managers?  Send out instant content alerts. Have a new menu change in the company? Tell everyone in the kitchen!

You can send out instant training updates by location/role with just a couple clicks.

Quick Performance Votes

With an easy way to +1 or -1 team members for certain preset key of actions, you can spot your best performers easier than ever!

Pair this data with notes and performance reviews to achieve team member bliss.

Performance Monitoring

As an optional service, utilize our Performance Monitoring service to monitor sites like Yelp, Google, Facebook for customer feedback.  HR or area managers get instant notifications when a team member is mentioned.

Great for businesses with a big online presence that need assistance seeing what is happening during customer/team interactions.