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On-Boarding Features

The first step to ensuring the employer-employee relationship thrives is attracting the right talent. But how?

With the Employance Hiring & On-Boarding module, convey your company culture, automate tedious tasks, eliminate paper trails, and leverage pre-populated applications for a seamless transition from hiring to on-boarding.

Multi-Lingual Online Paperwork

“Hey we did it…no more paperwork whooooo!”

Is that something you would love to be saying? If so, Employance can help. With a powerful and sophisticated e-signature module, Employance can take you to a world filled with…no paper.

Everything from new hire documents such as i9’s and w4’s, Spanish-only documents, and team member self-service updates…Employance has you covered.

Tax Credit Screening = $$$$

Pssst…come closer we have a secret to tell you.

Did you know that the federal government has programs in place that give you massive tax deductions for doing what you already do…hire people? The maximum tax credit ranges from $1,200 to $9,600, depending on the employee hired.

Employance has both state and federal screening in place so all new hires go through an automated screening process. Oh yea, we also file all the paperwork so all you have to do is sit back and soak in the savings come tax season.

Smart Files and Certifications

With hundreds or thousands of team members, it can be daunting to manage everyone’s certifications (such as food-handler card or CPR). Well, Employance’s really smart programmers built some tools you might find useful…

Any file uploaded to the system can have an expiration and a custom notification. This can be sent to anyone in HR, managers and the team members – making sure everyone is aware of expiring files well ahead of time.

Automated Checks Keep Things Going

“Wait – did we do this?” Is a question you and your team won’t be scrambling for an answer for anymore.

Employance has preset checks along the new-hire process so everything gets done correctly. Auto-notifications go out to the right people when certain items are done so everyone is always on the same page.

Team Member Self Service

Looking for a way to allow team members to handle their own updates to payroll items such as number of dependents?

Employance can help!

Team members simply log in (with email or a text-message pin) and can update their own paperwork at anytime.

Payroll Integration to Reduce Work

With over 300 payroll systems covered, Employance can integrate with most any payroll system today.

This completes the circle and makes it very easy for everyone involved.

What happens if you switch payroll providers? Nothing…business as ususal! That’s because we have a system in place that is agnostic to the actual payroll system.

Mobile Friendly 🙂

With our e-signature mobile app, all the documents you need signed can be completed on any smart phone!