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Built in Best Practices


During phase one we learn about your needs.  In depth discussions are had, best practices are shared and a road map for success is in place.

Best Practices Applied

Phase two is when all the fun begins.  We’ve done the setup – now we test real-life scenarios in our safe environment.

Roll Out

We like to call phase three the ‘ironing’ phase.  We iron out all the kinks, making sure you have the system you’ve dreamed of.


This is the implementation and training phase.  Now that you have the perfect system – it’s time to show the world (and all you team members).

Why Choose Us?

Happy Happy Clients

Did we mention they are happy?  Want to talk to someone? Sure thing…case studies and references available upon request.

Our Service

Let’s not beat around the bush here – yea we have competitors, but more and more HR and Operations people are choosing our platform because of our incredible support team.

Built for You

Since being founded in 2009, Employance has been working on providing our clients with the perfect solution.  Who are our clients?  Check out our client page to learn which industries we serve best.

Employance Support

Dedicated Account Manager

From setup to day-to-day usage and training, your account manager will be with you from the start.

Industry Best Practices

With thousands using the Employance platform, we've seen it all. Let us help guide your best practices.

Live Chat

Monday-Friday live chat support by our trained representatives.

Unlimited Growth

How big do you want to get? Every piece of our platform is scalable so the sky is the limit.


In-person and on-demand training. You tell us what works for you and your team, and we're there.

Use Our Resources

Looking for industry professionals? We know a lot of people use our rolodex anytime

Setup is a Breeze

With over 200 implementations under our belt, we’ve seen it all. Whether you’re looking to integrate with other enterprise systems, to implement the Employance platform to empower your global workforce, or to leverage our technology in a whole new way, consulting services deliver unmatched expertise in to help ensure your objectives are met in a timely, efficient way. We specialize in creating innovative solutions that challenge boundaries and deliver on the art of the possible.


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