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Recruiting Features

Recruiting can be one of the most difficult tasks for any HR manager, General Manager or AGM. Whoever the responsibility falls on, they have a lot of expectations.

Attracting the right people, screening, interviewing and ultimately, hiring – are all monstrous tasks in their own right. With Employance’s recruiting tools – the jobs are easier than ever.

Career Pages to Attract Talent

Looking to add a careers or jobs page to your website? We do that. Maybe you want it on Facebook as a widget? We do that too.

With our customized career pages, you will look good and attract the right kind of team members.

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Visual Applicant Tracking

Ever get the feeling that your current system was built in 1993? It probably was… The Employance platform was built with the most recent technology and we obsessively focus on user experience.

To save our clients time, we’ve built our ATS system with all the automation tools you business needs. Think handling hundred or thousand of applicants a day is difficult? Not at all.

Proactive Applicant Assessments

Looking for a quick and easy way to assess new applicants? Employance has an auto-assessment tool setup and ready-to-go with a library of best practice questions. Applicants will quickly answer these questions as part of the application process and results are filtered on the back end.

Questions can be customized per job opening.  Contact us now to learn more!

Internal Job Board for Succession

Looking to hire from within? We get it. That’s why Employance provides every client with an internal job board as well. Can be used for everything from a position or location change request, to a new store opening.

The internal job board is great for companies who enjoy promoting from within.

Customized Applications Y’all

Looking for a way to customize applications by job? With simple templates all setup before you even start recruiting, this is all very easy to do.

Employance lets you customize applications with a few clicks.

Automation and Communication

We handle all the mundane items like auto-response, auto-updates, auto-hire message, auto-decline message and auto-filled message.

All you need to focus on is communicating with the candidate. Leave @ comments to anyone else in the company (maybe a manager or someone in HR) if you want to quickly message them regarding a candidate.

Hey, You Can’t Touch That!

Looking to customize permissions? Employance has all actions separated and checkboxes are ready for you to set custom permissions by role/position.

All you need to do is set this up one-time (with account manager help if needed) and everything is good-to-go!

Blast Out Jobs

Blast our job posts to over 100 different job boards with one click.

Employance has partnerships with the job boards already in place. So, if you’re looking for more applicants it just takes a simple click.