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Scheduling Features

Scheduling made easy. Sounds nice, right? That’s exactly what we’ve done.

Our Scheduling module is easy-to-setup and lets you creates templates based on multiple schedules or scenarios, visualize those schedules on a daily or weekly view and easily adjust schedules based on change requests and overtime alerts, etc.

Keep it Simple – Schedule Templates

Multiple schedules and multiple versions? Employance makes it easy to create templates so weekly setup is a breeze.

Smart Alerts – We Got You!

Employance’s scheduling module has all the built-in smart alerts you need. Scheduling overtime alerts, shift counts, labor costs and more…

Setup custom alerts to solve your scheduling needs.

Time Off and Trade Approvals

Team members need an easy way to trade shifts? Managers need to approve all requests after another team member picked up a shift?

All this is built into Employance’s scheduling module. From picking up a simple shift to vacation requests, it’s all there.

Labor Cost Calculations $$$

Need to calculate labor costs? Looking for an easy way to see how much you’re spending on labor?

All built into the Employance’s scheduling tools, labor cost calculations are at your fingertips.

Easy to Setup and Learn – Ahhh

“Easiest scheduling tool I’ve ever used.” Want to sound like Lisa from Backwoods Grill?

Visual scheduling and multiple views make it very easy for anyone to setup and learn.